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Coloured candles 70×100


High-quality, long burning time coloured candles that do not smoke black,  and burn inward (except in air stream).

Different colours.

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HT10389 Aquamarine, HT10390 White, HT10391 Citrus, HT10392 Ocre, HT10393 Orange, HT10394 Red Antique, HT10395 Burgundy, HT10396 Light Blue, HT10398 Petrol, HT10399 Light Green, HT10400 Stone, HT10401 Rose Pearl, HT10402 Aubergine, HT10403 Mint, HT10404 Dark Green, HT10405 Slate Aqua, HT10406 Dark Blue, HT10407 Blue Linnen

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